Elite Recruting Services is a Full-Service Football Focused Recruiting Service.

ERS specializes in helping student athletes connect with colleges in order to pursue their dreams on the field and in the classroom.  

ERS Offers: 
  • RecruitFit-  Exclusive Analysis Process which Helps Student Athletes Find their Best "Fit" Schools & Programs.
  • Expert Football Skills Assessments
  • Education on NCAA Recruiting Rules & Process
  • NCAA Eligibility Center Consulting
  • Academic Counseling Services
  • Online Player Profiles
  • Professional Highlight Video Services
  • Professional Position Training from Elite Football Academy
  • Combines & Combine Preparation
  • Media Exposure on Top College Football Recruiting Networks

ERS Experience:
  • Over 12 Years of Recruiting Experience
  • Over $9.5Million in Scholarships have been awarded to ERS Players.
  • Extensive Network of College Coaches
  • Players placed at all levels including Division I,II, II ,  NAIA, & NJCAA.

Blaine Gabbert - Missouri - 2011 #10 Overall Draft Pick Jacksonville Jaguars
Chase Haslett - QB - University of Illinois
Christian Suntrup '11 - QB - Boston College
Billy Busch '10 - FB - Ole Miss
Markus Golden '10 - LB -U of Missouri / Hutchison CC
Alex Bennett '07 - WR - Missouri S&T
Andrew Ness '11 - OL - Northern Illinois University
Ben Eskelsen '10 - DL - U of Missouri
Haleem Rayford '11 - FB - Central Missouri
Garrett Eskelsen '06 - DE - BYU
Chris Willis '10 - WR - Lincoln University
Courtney Ward '09 - WR - Lincoln University
Joe Plassmeyer '10 - QB - Lindenwood University
Jack Meiners '09 - OL - U of Missouri
Jaz Granderson '09 - DB - Northern Iowa University
Jim Vavak '10 - LB - Milliken University
John Tabash '09 - OL - University of Chicago
Steven Kaiser '10 - QB - Southern Methodist University
Kenny McClendon '10 - DL - Central Michigan University
Kyle Portell '10 - QB - Southeast Missouri University
LaMark Brown '09 - WR - Minnesota State University / Kansas State University
Lawrence Scott '11 - RB - Army
Lee Ward '10 - FB - Standford University
Matt Killian '11 - OL - Northern Illinois University
Matt Warrick '09 - LB - US Naval Academy
Will Meyers '04 - DB - Indiana University
Nikko Sansone '09 - RB - U of Missouri / DePauw
Will Paul '04 - FB - University of Michigan
Rick Dansdill '10 - DB - Missouri State University
Ricky Spratley '11 - LB - Cetral Missouri  University
Robert Steeples '09 - DB - University of Missouri
Robert Standard '11 - RB - Iowa State University
Sam Smith '11 - LB - Central Missouri State University
Sean Strehl '11 - QB - Northern Illinois University
Sheldon Richardson '09 - DL - University of Missouri / COS JC
Steve Hendry '08 - DL - Southeast Missouri State University
Andy Temple '04 - DL - University of Kansas
Tommy Davis '07 - DB - Northern Illinois University
Tevor LaBarge '09 - FB - University of Colorado / Washington University
Tyler Gabbert '10 - QB - University of Missouri
Tylor Brock '09 - DB - Southeast Missouri State University
Wes Kemp '08 - WR - University of Missouri
Aaron Daniels '11 - LB - US Naval Academy
Drew O'Connell '09 - WR - Texas Christian University
Alphonso Scott '10 - DB - St. Cloud State University

The easiest thing to do is have your high school coach call the college of your choice at the end of your junior year. If a coach will not call, you must call the college yourself. Ask for the recruiting coordinator and describe who you are. Be sure and ask them about their screening criteria for your position. If you come close to meeting their criteria, send them an edited video tape of several games for their review. Stay in touch and keep visible.

Having identifi ed the 3-5 colleges where you might like to attend and play football, make arrangements to attend their summer evaluation football camps. Make sure to inform the coaching staff that you will be attending their camp. This is most effective route to be seen.

College recruiters are always looking for high school coaches to recommend players. But they really want your coach to recommend players from other teams in your league. Since your coach has an emotional attachment to his own players, college recruiters know that your coach will be more objective about players on other teams. Get to know other coaches if it can be done naturally. However, you still should make sure that your own coach is willing to help if you meet the criteria to play college football somewhere. Don’t leave this to chance. Work out a specific program with your head coach. You should do as much of the work as possible but it will be worth it.

If you are interested in a specifi c college, write to the coach who handles your position. Initially send him a letter describing who you are with a plan for the rest of your high school football career. Write him at least once aevery six months and update him on your progress. If he becomes interested in you as an athlete, this will say a great deal about your ability to plan, to be disciplined and to succeed. Don’t be bashful about telling a coach what you have accomplished.  It ia also a good idea to call occasionly.  Please remember depending on your age and time of the year he may not be able to return your call.  My advice is to call until you reach him!

Our two oldest sons have worked with Matt Biermann (Elite Football Academy &  Elite Recruiting Services) through their Junior Football and High School years, and have continued to work with the Elite Football Academy into their college careers.  The coaching and instruction they have received throughout the past 8 years has had a tremendous impact on their development as Quarterbacks.  Stressing both the Physical and Mental preparation for the game of football has given our sons a definite competitive edge.  With the focus on the fundamentals of the QB position, whether it is the proper technique of throwing, footwork, ball placement, rush avoidance, etc. we know that they are always well prepared.  

The training they have received has translated very well to the state and national levels, with our oldest son recognized as the #1 Pro-Style Quarterback in the nation in 2008, and our middle son rated as the #1 Quarterback in the state of Missouri for the class of 2010.  We cannot thank Matt and his entire staff enough for their guidance and coaching in developing the potential of our sons. 
My name is John W. Tabash. As a former high school and college football player,I realize the importance of sound teaching fundamentals and technique. My son,John,began at Elite Football Academy at age 15. He has been instructed in sound fundamentals of rush and pass blocking for an offensive lineman. He has also had the unique opportunity to have many sessions of "1 on 1" work against other high school, collegiate, and professional defensive lineman. Therefore, he is getting the best of not only learning the fundamentals and techniques but then practicing those techniques against other live competition. The 3 years of working with Elite Football has improved my sons football ability as well as self-confidence to perform on the football field. He has definitely had a distinct advantage over his competition with his Elite Football background. 

I highly recommend Elite Football Academy to any young football player who wants to improve his skills and learn the sound fundamental techniques of blocking,tackling,running,catching, and passing. The highly qualified staff are all former players who know and understand what it takes to be successful on the field and who work well with the children and make it a fun experience. 

Our son Andrew has been attending Elite Football Academy since his freshman year.  We found Elite by accident online and asked our son if he wanted to try the small group session to see what he thought of it.  My husband and I both played a college sport and were a bit skeptical, but after the first session we were instant believers.  We only wished that we had found them sooner!  

Matt and his staff are professional and knowledgeable in all areas of the game.  I know that the staff not only cares about my son as a football player, but as an individual.  Elite has also given Andrew the opportunity to work out and become aquatinted with some of the better players in the St. Louis area.
Elite has given our son the skill set and confidence to play at the next level.  More importantly we believe that Elite will have an impression on our son long after he is done playing football.  Thanks to Matt and all his staff!!!

l.Bev & Chuck Gabbert
  • Son Blaine Received a Scholarship to University of Missouri and is now the Starting QB for the Jacksonville Jaguars.
  • Son Tyler Received a Scholarship to the University of Missouri.
Dr. John W. Tabash
  • Son John Received an Academic Scholarship and Plays at University of Chicago
-Dave and Barb Ness
  • Son Andrew Received a Scholarship to Northern Illinois University